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How to Live a Long Healthy Life

Good health depends a lot on the lifestyle we lead. A balanced diet, an exercise routine, and good habits such as personal hygiene, social activity, among others, are fundamental to achieve the body-mind-spirit balance that we look for to live a long healthy life.

A recent study made by Dan Buettner in association with National Geographic and the National Institute of Aging discovered 5 locations around the world with the highest percentage of centenarians. The study proved that these people lived almost without diseases like diabetics, cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, others. The places are known as “blue zones” and they are located in:

  • Ikaria (Greece)

  • Okinawa (Japan)

  • Sardinia (Italy)

  • Loma Linda (California, USA)

  • Nicoya (Costa Rica).

After examining different aspects of those people's lifestyle, eating habits, daily routines, and other topics, the study concluded that despite the geographic locations, they were doing very similar things and living a common lifestyle.

The results showed that eating a healthy diet based mostly on vegetables and fruits and reducing dairy products and eggs can help improve longevity. Adding exercise, meditation and other activities also increases the possibility to live a long healthy life.


Common lifestyle of the Blue Zones Centenarians

I created this list of seven things that people from the Blue Zones do. We can include them in our daily life, I am sure will help us live a healthier life.

1. Eat well.

The food that we eat influences our wellbeing because it provides the energy and nutrients that our body and mind need. Combining proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, sugar, and fat is elemental. Having organized meals, three or five times a day, is a 'must”.

2. Exercise.

Reducing your continuous sitting time to 30 minutes helps support the possibility of healthy aging. For every hour that you are at work, move and get up for ten or fifteen minutes. Do exercise routines: three days a week, one hour. Promote natural movement like walking, hiking, or gardening. Additionally, exercising is the best way to improve memory, to lower stress reactions and to prevent degenerative diseases like dementia. Read Benefits of Daily Exercise.

3. Practice Mindfulness daily.

Meditating for 30 minutes every day gives our body and mind a great opportunity to relax and focus on what is really important. This practice reduces stress levels which is crucial for healthy aging, prevents cardiovascular diseases, depression and other health disorders. Stress relief is the most common characteristic in the blue zones.

4. Drink wine.

Tobacco, alcohol, and drugs have a very negative impact on health. However, the consumption equivalent to a daily glass of wine or beer is a good recommendation.

5. Care for your image.

Take time to go to the beauty salon to refresh the cut, get a manicure or pedicure. Go to a spa to enjoy relaxing massages or a facial. These activities help us keep our body in good shape and also calms anxiety and cultivates the spirit. Shopping or window shopping is also good. Once in a while, give yourself a “no reason gift”.


6. Rest at night.

Sleeping well helps to recover the energy that the body consumes during the day. A clean, orderly bedroom with fresh air and a warm temperature will take us straight to the arms of Morpheus. Reading a good book before sleep time will also help. Keeping the TV, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops or computers away from your bed and bedroom is a must. Read: Problems for Falling Asleep? Try this…

7. Talk and surround yourself with friendly people in pleasant environments and have sex.

People who are friendly, cordial, and full of “positive energy” provide a good dose of quality to our lives. Promote pleasant conversations and always bring positive experiences. Impregnate those around you with your enthusiasm and well-being. Leave your nice print and good vibes in each place you go and in each person you meet. Avoid noisy, messy, dirty, and smelly places to improve your quality of life.

The study conducted by Dan Buettner also showed that people living in Icaria, Greece, enjoy long meals accompanied by family and friends. They take regular naps (at least 5 days a week) and have sex in old age.

People living in the blue zones prove that having a healthy lifestyle and having good daily habits increases the average lifespan and longevity. Let's start by incorporating some exercise and meditation, increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits, having fun and sex.


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