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Problems Falling Asleep?
Try this

Have you been tired, trying to rest, fighting against yourself, or your own body because you cannot fall asleep? I have been there and I know the feeling. When you sleep, the body recovers all the energy used during the day. A good night of rest also prepares the body for the next day's routines and activities.

Many reasons may affect a good night's sleep. Some people sleep but do not rest. In any case, you should visit your primary care doctor and try these useful tips that have helped me a lot.

  • Create an orderly, fresh, pleasant, and quiet environment in the bedroom. Decorate with colors that call to rest: green water, white, cream.

  • Go to bed just before sleeping.

  • Change the pillow every six months if possible.

  • Avoid watching television in the bedroom. Experts recommend that the TV should not be located in the bedroom.

  • Drink infusion of lemon, citron, lime, or a mixture of them one hour before sleep. Avoid the consumption of drinks with caffeine during the afternoon.

  • Enjoy a pleasant reading that relaxes you.

  • Achieve mental and physical relaxation, mentally loosening the muscles, that is, relaxing.

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