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Tips to Reduce Stress and Live Well

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Every year, more people die from CVD than from any other cause. However, most of these ailments can be prevented by acting on time on risk factors and adopting healthy lifestyles.


Among the risk factors mentioned by the WHO are: tobacco smoke, unhealthy diets, obesity, physical inactivity, or excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. In addition to all of that, there is clear scientific evidence that cardiovascular diseases in the general population associated with psychosocial diseases and high levels of stress. The Venezuelan cardiologist-internist, Francisco Rivero Valera, explained to lower stress levels and reduce risk factors for the onset of cardiovascular diseases, it is advisable to do an hour of regular and daily exercise, but controlled by a specialist physician. Outdoor walks, swimming, or cycling are other recommended sports and/or activities. Food should be healthy, balanced, and must be consumed neatly. It is important to always eat at the same time and adapt it to the climate or region where you live. The needs of the body in winter are not the same needs as in summer, stated Dr. Rivero. He also remarked that being surrounded by positive people, natural environments, listen to music,- especially instrumental music-, practice yoga, laughter therapy, or dance therapy, helps lower stress levels. This lifestyle will lead to a healthy life with a lower risk to suffer cardiovascular or psychosocial disease. Additional recommendations to reduce stress levels

  • Avoid watching, reading, or listening to news reports before bedtime.

  • Avoid heavy conversations, heated and meaningless.

  • Negative comments about the economic, social, or political events in your country. You do not have control over those situations.

  • Watch funny or family-style movies. Avoid the cinema of suspense, horror, or drama. That's what life is for …

  • Listen to jokes.

  • Read books, specialized magazines, stories.

  • Visit museums, theme parks, others. Observe nature. Breathe deeply.

  • Spend time with your loved ones.

  • Generate healthy, fun, entertaining, and educational conversations.

  • Have a pet at home: a cat, a dog, a rabbit. They will provide you with a fun and loving company, and they will gladden your life.

  • Be grateful.

  • Finally, BE HAPPY.

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