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Let's Be Like Children!

Being a child is an incredible experience. It is a stage of life full of adventures and emotions. Everything is new and exciting, and you can live almost without worries.

Adopting certain qualities from childhood can help us stay mentally active, reduce stress, improve our interpersonal relationships, and enjoy a fuller and more satisfying life.

From a spiritual perspective, being like children connects us with our essence and brings us closer to our spirituality. Jesus highlighted the need to be like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He thus invites us to let go of pride and self-sufficiency and open ourselves to the confidence and humility typical of children.

Childhood is the time of life when we have practically no responsibilities or problems. We know how to enjoy small situations, our imagination flies easily and anything and any moment is opportune to play, run and laugh. Here are seven reasons why being a child is the best:

  1. Everything is exciting and new.

  2. Falling ill means being cared for at home.

  3. You are the focus of your parents' attention.

  4. You have physical stamina and can play without worries.

  5. You form friendships that could last a lifetime.

  6. A kiss or a hug are gestures of innocence and sincerity.

  7. Simple things bring you happiness.

Being like children in adulthood can have positive effects on our mental health and interpersonal relationships. Here are some reasons why adopting certain qualities from childhood can be beneficial:

Maintain Curiosity: Children have an innate curiosity and great enthusiasm for exploring the world. When we reach adulthood, preserving that curiosity facilitates continuous learning, the discovery of new passions and the maintenance of an active mind.

Let's Be Like Children!

Play and Laugh: Children play freely and laugh naturally. In adulthood, playing and laughing are essential to reduce stress, raise spirits and strengthen social bonds.

Accept Vulnerability: Children show their emotions and ask for help without fear. They are sincere. By accepting our vulnerability as adults, we can make deeper connections with others and get support when needed.

Living in the Present: Children do not worry much about the past or the future; They live in the moment. Practicing mindfulness and enjoying the present can raise our quality of life.

Let's Be Like Children!

Creativity and Imagination: Children have a limitless imagination and a unique creativity in their perspective of the world. As we reach adulthood, fostering creativity helps us solve problems, find innovative solutions, and maintain a flexible mind.

Learn from Mistakes: Children are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. As adults, accepting our mistakes as opportunities to grow helps us progress and improve.

Authentic Connections: Children establish genuine friendships without prejudice or expectations. As adults, it is essential to value authentic connections and foster meaningful relationships for our emotional well-being.1.

From a Christian-Catholic perspective, there are several resources that can help you better understand the value of being like children. Here you have some options:

  • Sermon “Let Us Be Like Children: Theological Perspectives”: This sermon delves into the importance of maintaining innocence and a pure heart in our relationship with God. Through a theological exploration, the value of trust, joy and innocence is addressed, and how these virtues help us be closer to God in our daily lives1.

  • Article on “Be like children”: In this article, we reflect on the biblical passage in which Jesus calls us to be like children to enter the Kingdom of heaven. It explores the attitude of humility, trust and dependence that children have towards their parents, and how we can apply this in our relationship with God2.

  • Reflection on Matthew 18:1-5: The passage in Matthew 18:3, where Jesus says: “Truly I say to you, unless you convert and become like little children, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven,” invites us to reflect on the greatness of spiritual childhood. This approach helps us connect with God through humility and trust3.

Childhood spirituality brings us closer to God with an open, trusting heart overflowing with joy. Explore these resources and let childlike simplicity and purity inspire your faith.

Remember that being like children invites us to simplicity, trust in God and empathy towards others. Recognizing God as our protector and essential in our lives is key to achieving happiness and heaven. Adopting a childlike attitude links us to our essence and encourages growth in love, humility and trust.

Therefore, let us not underestimate the wisdom and happiness we can discover by adopting a more childlike attitude in our adult lives. The invitation is to laugh more, to play more, to enjoy the simple and the present more.


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