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Is It Ok to Feel Sad?

I was thinking about sadness and asking myself if it was OK to feel sad? I am going to start by saying that sadness is a natural feeling like happiness or anger that every human experiences. And even though it is not "nice" to feel sad, it is important to feel emotions and sadness is part of those emotions, otherwise, if you are unemotional, there is for sure something wrong!

Some people describe sadness as a strong pain in your heart, as if you were stabled with a knife. It is a strong feeling. It makes people wonder about their current life, the past, or the future.

Sadness, happiness or any other emotion come with external expressions. It can come with tears. It can come with silence or with a desperate need of being alone in a separate space. Some people need to talk or to keep their mind and body busy, trying to escape from the emotion. People also tend to overreact to normal situations while feeling sad.

Reasons to be sad? There are many.

The death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, divorce, and many other situations can trigger sadness, but it should never take control of your other emotions. You cannot surrender to sadness because it leads to depression. Once you get there, there is a problem.

As the opposite of happiness and like it, sadness brings the opportunity to grow and gives the occasion to learn, but we need to be aware and take advantage of the opportunity. Do not let the opportunity to take advantage of you!

Some sad situations are mixed with happy ones. Like the marriage of a son or daughter. It may bring mixed feelings of happiness with sadness. He/she will leave the nest and no longer will be living with you or near you or because you feel unsure about the future that is ahead of them but at the same time, you share the happiness surrounding them.

So, is it ok to feel sad? Yes, it is ok to feel sad, but we have to be cautious sadness can easily open the depression door, one that nobody wants to open. Some depressed people get to a "no return point". If that is your case, or if you think you are depressed, please ask for professional help. Depression Symptoms.

What can we do to overcome sadness?

  • It is a period. You need to grief. Crying is an excellent way to relieve sadness.

  • Exercise. 30 minutes daily walks are great for breathing fresh air, admire nature, feel your surroundings, and appreciate life.

  • Yoga sessions. I personally recommend Yoga with Kassandra.

  • Mindfulness. The App "Calm" has good free tools.

  • Get creative, do some kind of crafts.

  • Listen to high-level music (happy music).

  • Do the things you like to do. It might not be easy at first, but push yourself to get there.

  • If sadness persists, please ask for professional help.


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