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Benefits of Daily Exercise

Exercise is an effective way to control stress because it helps to eliminate the negative physical and mental effects that it causes. Additionally, exercise provides relaxation and a well-being feeling.

Exercising is an excellent activity. It benefits the body and mind. It prevents many health problems. Exercising is natural to the human being, because it needs to move, explained the cardiologist-internist, Francisco Rivero Valera in an interview for an episode of the podcast, Nuestro estilo de vida familiar.

Regular and frequent exercise also alleviates the negative effects of stress in different ways because it provides a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Additionally, “the person who does not exercise has a tendency to deteriorate from the muscular and joint point of view,” said Dr. Rivero.

Recent Investigations support the Benefits of Daily Exercising

A group of 600 people participated in a study that analyzed the effects of exercise on men and women of different ages. The study made by Dr. Rivero, in partnership with a team of medical specialists in Venezuela, developed an exercise program of three times a week for one hour. After it ended, the group of people that followed the routine, showed significant physiological y physiological changes, such as:

  • Improvement of cholesterol, triglycerides, glycemic, and blood pressure.

  • Decrease of anguish, depression, anxiety, and stress on a psychological level.

Exercising can improve our cognitive functions regardless of age or physical condition. Dr. Rivero's study showed that exercising also produces many benefits for our mental well-being because, done regularly, it stimulates the production of endorphins that intensify the feeling of well-being and happiness.

Additionally, it increases the amount of oxygen absorbed by the lungs, bringing more oxygen to the brain and helping with mental alertness. “The only brain oxygenation is physical exercise,” emphasizes Rivero. Physical exercise is important for the “normal maintenance of the body”, he stressed.

Overall benefits

  • Reduces muscle tension and pain.

  • Provides a pleasant sleep.

  • Improves blood circulation.

  • Strengthens the immune system.

  • Regulates appetite and eliminates discouragement.

  • Revitalizes.

  • Provides a sense of energy and fulfillment that allows you to cope with a stressful life.

How do we make exercise part of our daily routine?

Dr. Rivero recommends practicing an inter daily physical activity program (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) of one hour a day and making small changes to our daily routine such as:

  • Go up the stairs and not use the elevator.

  • Wash the car yourself.

  • Park the car further from your destination

  • Having an exercise buddy can make you enjoy being active more.

  • Plan social activities that involve exercising.

  • Join a physical activity group or class.

  • Listen to music or watch television while exercising.

  • If the weather is not favorable, you can walk in a mall, climb stairs, or join a gym.

The benefits that regular exercise provides to your bones, joints, and mental health are indisputable, it helps to improve the quality of life, increases self-esteem, prevents diseases, reduces stress, and oxygenates the brain. After learning this, are you going to give up these benefits? I'm sure not, we're all going to exercise.


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