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Tips to Become Your Own Boss Doing What You Love

At some point in our life, — of this I am sure, — you have thought of opening our own business to undertake an “adventure” that will provide work independence. Living this “dream” or making an idea a tangible reality is not impossible. The issue is to put fears and insecurities aside to fulfill your ideals.

An entrepreneur is always behind any innovative project. His state of mind plays an elementary role in achieving the objectives. Let's look at it like this: we need to feed ourselves to live. The entrepreneur needs to be motivated because motivation will be the strength of the project and must recognize his abilities and skills to be successful.

Ana Carmina Puentes, a graduate in Business Administration and Business Coach, suggests that we ask ourselves the following questions to find out what are those abilities and skills that make us unique and different from others: • What is that talent or ability that I have? • In what subjects do I excel? • What am I passionate for or about? • What can I contribute that no one else knows, has, or has created? • If I have manual skills, what do I like: drawing, cooking, designing, decorating, mechanics, carpentry?

Breaking fear and procrastination Starting a business is not easy, being your own boss is not easy either. Fear can affect us. It is paralyzing and may invade our minds when deciding on new opportunities that involve risks. By nature, the human being seeks safety and control of his environment whenever possible. He prefers to follow his daily routines, those that do not demand much, even if they are boring and tiring. He prefers to stay in his comfort zone.

“These problems, these insecurities, are not bad,” says Puentes. Rather, knowing how to “identify” them should be a reason to learn and to encourage us to continue with the projects that we have planned.

Fear of failure is very common among entrepreneurs. Thinking: what if I fail? If it doesn't work? If I invest and lose money? All those “what ifs” paralyze projects and stagnate us as individuals. On the contrary, Ana Carmina recommends “putting aside the fear of failure and deciding to start” is one of the first steps.

Let's ask the following question: What would you do today if you are sure that you are not going to fail? This is how you should undertake, with that question in mind. I assure you that the answer is: I would execute my project, states Carmina.

Another problem that entrepreneurs face is the difficulty in concentrating and starting certain tasks. This is called: procrastination, leaving what I have to do for another moment, this attitude produces energy leaks with states of overwhelm and reluctance.

“So we go through life waiting for the right one, and the right time is today, it begins today. Be clear about the goal you want to reach and start today ”, encourages Ana Carmina Puentes.

A coach may be a good fit for you At the beginning, I mentioned that Ana Carmina is a coach for entrepreneurs or business coach. Coaching helps in changing processes, in making difficult decisions, in optimizing results or increasing proactivity. Puentes lists a series of points that help determine when the guidance or collaboration of an individual or business entrepreneurship coach can help:

• If you feel stagnant and feel that you are not moving forward • If you have trouble making decisions • If you need to put aside beliefs that limit you • If you focus on the result, but don't know how to get to it • If you have a vision, but lack a plan • If you feel unmotivated or can't find the motivation • If your actions do not support your ideas • If you don't know how to manage your time and the changes you experience • If you don't understand the emotions or limitations you have • If you are about to start your project and do not decide to do it

To define your business strategy, establish your goals. Receive constant training to plan individual or team work. Follow Ana Carmina Puentes on her social networks or write her an email to and with pleasure she will help you grow along with your projects and businesses.


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