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Motherhood: Love and Protection

Motherhood is an experience. The maternal feeling develops from the birth of a child, but during pregnancy that maternal instinct is awakened. Many women have the desire to have a child, take care of it and educate it and, it goes beyond women as human beings, because most mammals also express it.

I remember as a child I used to go everywhere with my beloved baby doll. She had a suitcase with clothes, diapers and milk bottles. The doll cried and I suffered! Immediately, I would look for the bottle and the pacifier to calm her crying!... She was my treasure.

But, each woman experiences motherhood from a very intimate and personal perspective. It is loaded with personal emotions that are not the same, but instead present all kinds of nuances related to love and protection. Some women are afraid of motherhood, I don't judge them! We are not talking about taking care of an object. It is about giving life to another human being, one that during his entire existence will depend on the care and attention of his parents, because paternity never ends. Despite the very natural fears, being a mother trains and strengthens women to face life in its most diverse facets, it helps you grow as a person and complement your environment. Additionally, being a mom provides wonderful emotional and physical benefits. Today, I want to share some advantages of being a mom. Moms acquire very particular skills for solving problems. Obstacles are not problems and on the contrary they develop skills that push them, encourage them and at the same time serve to boost those around you. It makes us multitasking women. Although on this point many psychologists warn about the negative effects of doing several things at the same time, being a mother does not give you another option, but to: do the laundry, cook lunch, clean the house, prepare the bottle, help your eldest son with his homework and attend to your husband with a cup of coffee before leaving for work... I mean, you have to be in multiple activities at the same time because you are a mother, you are a wife, and you are a woman. Later they will serve you at work, in social life, in your daily life. Motherhood brings out unknown qualities. Children are a great source of inspiration. Difficulties, circumstances will always come, but for your children, you feel like a superhero. Personal and professional improvement is sought because we want to be the example for our children. Even, if possible, that they are better than us. That's why I tell you that motherhood inspires you to be a better person, human beings, more patient, loving, responsible and kind. Motherhood teaches you to love. With motherhood, you learn to value things and situations that previously went unnoticed. The work our parents did is appreciated; time is money because every second counts; the small details are very important; gestures of affection, even if they are small, are priceless; the value of I love you, and the greatness of a hug when it is most needed. The love for the parents grows enormously. On the other hand, the possibility of doing playful and recreational activities with your child strengthens and nurtures self-confidence, autonomy and the links between the two. If the father is included in sports activities, they are relieved of stress, while in children their physical development is stimulated. With motherhood, you return to childhood. Children add a joyful touch to the home. Even when they are teenagers, their music, their occurrences, their comments, their experiences, fill your life with joy. With anything, they draw us a smile. In addition, the digital magazine Ser Padres mentions the following health benefits:

  • Motherhood encourages the development of certain areas of the brain. Studies have found that hormonal changes modify the brain to take care of your child.

  • A recent study revealed that couples with children have lower blood pressure than those without. Experts believe that children give life meaning, which may be linked to better health. Likewise, giving birth can reduce your risk of breast cancer, and having fewer periods can also protect you from ovarian cancer.

The most beautiful bond that can ever be developed between human beings is that of motherhood. You don't understand it, until you experience it!


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