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The Treasure Called: Grandparents

Grandparents are undoubtedly important to the family. Grandparents are a moral reference to their grandchildren, a cornerstone of families, and an indisputable link of family unity. In many cases, they are even economic support for risen-up families. Grandparents are transmitters of values ​​and knowledge.

This wonderful bond helps grandchildren to grow and to mature, and if grandparents spend time with their grandkids, they rejuvenate and acquire vitality. Parents, on the other hand, learn to value their own parents without criticism and appreciate their experience. It is a tripartite relationship, grandparents - grandchildren - parents, which is strengthened with love, patience, and tolerance. Grandparents in their very important role should...

  • Be collaborators: Your opinion is important as an aid to parents in the education of grandchildren.

  • Accept the changes: do not compare generational gaps. Accept changes that time traces in education and breeding. Do not compare: In my years it was better!

  • Seek for virtues and reinforce them: Respect the norms established by parents instead of criticizing what they do wrong or looking for mistakes. Faced with a different attitude, grandchildren will take advantage of their grandparents.

  • Set limits: grandchildren should learn that grandparents deserve respect, consideration, and affection. Grandparents must set rules which usually go hand in hand with parenting guidelines.

Parents in their delicate responsibility should...

  • Be confident: parents should trust their parents while being grandparents. Do not give too many instructions, just provide data that may be unknown to them.

  • Be considered: it is not the obligation of grandparents to educate their grandchildren. Nor is it required to care for them. Therefore, it is necessary for parents, - in every circumstance, - to ask and never impose. Caring for grandchildren should always be a proposal of parents, never a requirement.

  • Value without criticism: grandparents will always give and do the best they can. Recognizing their effort will always be welcome.

  • Appreciate their experience: grandparents foster positive habits such as reading, listening to music, or doing sports. They are a moral reference and an example for their grandchildren.

Grandparents are a moral reference to their grandchildren The education of the grandchildren is a responsibility that falls first and foremost on the parents. However, the presence of the grandparents in the ages in which the virtues, character, and personality are built, is fundamental. My 16 years old son always remembers this: "the manners at the table were taught to me by my grandmother". Grandparents have to reinforce the positive characteristics of their grandchildren, without censoring. Always encouraging, but not very demanding, providing the appropriate means and at the indicated time. In that way, confidence and self-esteem will be fostered in them. Teaching them that they should always aim for the best. Treating grandchildren with respect, naturalness, and joy will help a lot in their personal development. Ask them for forgiveness if necessary and give thanks when they do something for their grandparents, parents, or other adults. In conclusion, grandparents are a moral reference for their grandchildren and their family. In order to keep that, it is fundamental to teach with example, keep promises, and be loving and caring. The best teacher is not made out of words, but out of facts.

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