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Home sweet home!

Oh, home sweet home!

I recently read that this is a poet's sentence that culminates, because there the heart can rest...!

I strongly identify with this expression, because as the end of my working day approaches, I only think that I have to drive 40 minutes but that When I return home, my husband and my cats are waiting for me and my bed is also tidied up waiting for me to rest. On the contrary, when for reasons of time, I cannot make my bed… when that blessed moment of returning arrives, I remember, oh no, my bed is unmade and that peace that usually gives me knowing that my bed is fixed, changes immediately...

With the distances and the little time I have to enjoy my family and my home, I have learned to value the organization of my life, my portfolio, my home and my desk. My children and husband enjoy a world with my organization systems. I have a system that I apply in all areas of my life. Edit, categorize and contain.

Editing is the hardest part of the organizing process. It is the moment when I decide who is leaving and who is staying. If I'm organizing the kitchen, I start with the food. I check the expiration date, and the general condition of the product. This helps me define whether to throw away, stay or donate. Then I categorize. Canned food goes in one place, condiments in another, and many foods I take out of their boxes and bags and store in a clear container with a label. This helps me save time and space. This system works very well for me. For example, if my children come to visit me and want something, they find it easily. Bright and cheerful home.

I do the same with my wallet. I edit weekly. Everything is separated and contained in small bags inside my bag. I use all the pockets I have because our bags usually hold a world of things. That doesn't mean they can't be organized. It is very inconvenient to need the credit card and not find it because instead of putting it in the wallet, I threw it in the middle of the comb, the book, the wallet, the sunglasses, a handkerchief, the baby's spoon, a bottle of water and the coffee cup. What's my turn, take everything out to get to the credit card. Trust me, I've seen this.

As for my house, I try to edit frequently. Everything has its place in categories, and everything is contained in closets and boxes or baskets. I'm a little melancholy with things my dad left behind and with the gifts my children give me. I try to honor my dad by exhibiting his most precious things in perfect order and cleanliness. I can't find a better way. I use everything else. As for my children's gifts… Well, I use them and when they're too ugly, I throw the packaging away. Hahaha… I confess that it is an area of ​​my life in which I am working.

Based on my personal experience, I can tell you that good organization alleviates frustrations, frees us from stress, and calms our embarrassment when unexpected visitors arrive. It guarantees a state of well-being and harmony. An organized home stabilizes the life of the people who live in it and if there are little ones, they grow up with good habits. It encourages creativity, improves mood, favors rest, reinforces concentration...

No one said this is easy. Less if there are small children. I remember that when my children were little, I wanted them to play and organize everything on the shelves just as it was. That is simply impossible. After much stress and scolding. I decided that the easiest thing for everyone was to contain rather than exhibit. I bought a wooden chest and put all the toys in there. A few were left out. The children played, messed up and then dumped the entire trunk. It was never easy but over time they began to do it.

In short, it can be easier if we plan the housework by assigning tasks. I have already mentioned this before. We all live at home, and we all enjoy it, therefore, we must all collaborate, each with their abilities, skills, age and time and gradually following habits.

We can start by cleaning by area: the bedrooms, the kitchen, the bathrooms, the living room. Then we can delve deeper into each area by editing, categorizing and containing. Once we achieve organization, we have to maintain that order with daily routines:

  • Put things away when you get home (coat, bag, shoes, clothes, etc.)

  • Have a place for everything.

  • Make the bed when you get up.

  • Have a basket for dirty clothes in each room.

  • Hang the clothes or put them in the basket immediately when you stop using them.

  • Assign laundry days.

  • Clear the table and wash the dishes right after eating.

  • Plan cleaning according to the family's lifestyle. Take advantage when there are fewer people, for example.

  • Order for 20 minutes every day.

  • Take out the garbage on the corresponding day.

Always keep in mind that what makes a home are the people in it and not the things. If the organization can make the home a place where the family feels more comfortable, happy, it is certainly a worthwhile task.

So home organization is important, not just for cleanliness and tidy rooms, but also for smiles and inner satisfaction. This is what it makes a "home sweet home" where the heart can truly rest. And, at the end, it will be a bright and cheerful home!


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