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Tips to Adopt a Pet

A pet is a domestic animal that lives with members of a family. It is a companion animal that as a living thing requires certain care. Adopting a pet is a step that must be taken very seriously. This decision will change the life of the adoptive family because it is not only bringing an animal home, it is incorporating a new member into the family.


Thinking about adopting a pet is a positive indicator of the family. It says it is a responsible and humane home. But it is necessary to consider some aspects before having a pet at home:

  1. Be clear about what the family wants: a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a hamster, and why they want to have it. Talk and consider the needs and care that each one requires. It is a decision that must be taken as a family.

  2. Analyze which pet will live better with the lifestyle that each member of that household has. It will be a company that needs our time to feed them, play with them, give them affection or take them to the doctor. In these labors, everyone at home should be willing to participate.

  3. Study the family budget. A pet needs food, entertainment, hygiene, and medical care just like a human. Does the family have the economic capacity to support another family member?

  4. Observe your surroundings. Can you have a pet in your house? Will your tenant allow it? There are communities that do not allow animals in their residences. You may not have space. In addition, your pet can cause problems such as medical emergencies, accidents while educating it to go to the bathroom, or while you buy your furniture (cat scrapers, sleeping baskets, toys, others). It is essential to be aware of these contingencies and be prepared for any eventuality.

  5. Self-evaluation. Many domestic animals end up in animal welfare foundations or in shelters for abandoned pets, or some become street animals because their families did not self-evaluate.

Ask yourself the following questions about adopting a pet and respond honestly:

  • Am I ready for my pet to be a part of my life for more than 10 years?

  • Will I be able to take good care of it throughout its life?

  • Will I give the attention and affection it requires and deserves?

  • Is adopting a pet what I really want?

  • If I go on vacation, what will I do? Will I take it with me? Or Who will take care of it?

Adoption involves having an animal company for the rest of your life. In doing so you must commit to taking care of it with care and dedication. It is a huge responsibility. Do not make a mistake for emotion or to appease the sudden desire of your youngest child who now wants a pet, or because having a pet is in fashion. Furry friends give us all their love and fidelity. They are unconditional and disinterested companions. They give us joy, adorn our home with their colorful and soft coats, and with their barks and meows. Not only that, but they are excellent companions, faithful friends and incredibly, unlike many humans, they accept us just the way we are. Think well before adopting it.


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