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In the Variety, You Find the Taste. The Value of Diversity

From diversity, we can learn a lot.

Diversity means “a lot of several things”.

Cultural, ethnic, linguistic, biological, sexual, functional diversity.

Very different systems or lifestyles. Even clothes that are totally different from ours.

Ideas and concepts that make them very interesting and very valuable.

Living in New York City helped me understand the value of diversity. New Yorkers have the opportunity to share experiences with people from all parts of the planet. In fact, the Business Insider website published that of the Endangered Languages, “at least 800 are spoken in New York City, and in Queens County, they are spoken more than anywhere else.” This is wonderful because along with the diversity of languages, comes the diversity of culinary traditions, culture, and religion. And I find real value in all this.

A life without diversity would be extremely boring. I don't like routines, much fewer tapestries of the same color. By this I mean that it is important to respect and not to criticize. Be empathetic. Not believing that we are better or superior to others for being “different” from us. What for us is “different”, strange or super rare, for them, it is the most normal, it is the regular, it is natural because it is their lifestyle, it is their life. In such a case, we are also different for them.

The human body is another clear example of diversity. Each organ has a specific function. The body is not just a heart or stomach. If so, it would be the heart or stomach, not the human body.

Therefore, by the same nature, everything around us is different. If each day in itself is different, instead of criticizing or observing the differences, we can focus on the value of each difference and what they represent for our personal lives. I can't imagine a world where we all dress the same, with the same skills and abilities, and doing the same job.

In Venezuela, they say: “In variety lies the taste”. In consequence, we must appreciate the value that diversity has for our lives. The opportunity to meet people different from us, to learn about new cultures, to live in new situations, to encounter new languages, or to taste new flavors, is a profit.

By valuing diversity, we gain personal growth, information, experience… We acquire information that we can pass on to our children and grandchildren. We have interesting topics for conversation with others. So, let's take advantage of diversity in the best way, learning, respecting, and valuing those who offer us that opportunity.


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