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Finding Family Happiness Through Love

Real happiness is an emotional state. You achieve it when your heart and mind are not in material things, but in the moments you can share with others; in new things, you can learn; in the good conversations you have with friends and colleagues, or in the meals, you prepare for your family.

Happiness does not come out of magic dust or is only found in children's books. Finding happiness in life and achieving it within your family is a reality but of course, we have to keep in mind that in a happy family, not everything is always rose-colored. There are hard moments and difficult times when through love and example, every member of the family will do what is necessary to overcome the obstacles and live or continue living in happiness.

Setting the example and doing everything out of love is a “must” for parents because they will always be their children’s center of attention. Kids are watching, listening, and even mocking their parents and every other adult who shares a certain amount of time with them during their daily routines. Therefore, parents teach by example.

If we want our children to do chores at home, we must begin to do the chores. We should start and be the first. To me is very obvious that every family member should help at home. Parents should explain “how they should do it” and “when” they expect their children to do the work. During the first five years of life, parents, and educators have the unique opportunity to teach virtues, manners, character, or routines to their children. After that age, the learning process changes. So, the best way to make clear what we expect from our children is through example.

When trying to keep harmony and happiness, the mental health of the family is very important. Fighting in front of the children, strong discussions, or conversations about the relationship between husband and wife should never be addressed in front of children. Neither should conversations about difficult decisions nor complicated situations that may lead to an argument. Wise spouses, go to another room, and once they are calm, talk and resolve things. They will never go to sleep mad at each other. Before going to bed, they make their peace with each other; they reconcile because families fix everything at home.

It is also very important not to discipline the kids in front of strangers or their peers. It should be done separately, in the car or at home. Be aware of the words we are using and the tone. If we are upset, we should calm down, relax and then discuss it. That would be the best decision. Thus, we give room to explain and time for them (kids) to think about their answers. Nor should we run them over with question after question. Oh! And let's not compare brothers with brothers. They are all different. Children may be twins, but they are different individuals.

The oldest and best-selling book of all time, the Bible, in the book of St. Matthew, chapter 12 says, “The mouth speaks of the abundance of the heart.” You cannot give what you do not have. When you feel happy, give others happiness. Otherwise, when you are sad, worried, and disgusted, that is exactly what you will deliver to others. The family gives what every member has.

Work is important because it is the source of income for the family, but it can never be the first or most important thing for spouses. The time they spend with their children must be of quality. Without a doubt, before any other group or activity, family comes first.

Last, but not least, happy families love each other and do everything out of love. All the above happens because there is love amongst each family member. You can never believe what you are capable of until you understand the meaning of “love”, love learned through and within the family. Love begins with the spouses and grows in their children. So, to be happy and have a happy life, more than anything else, you must do everything out of love.


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