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I am Miji Velazquez, a Venezuelan journalist and broadcaster living in New York.

I am married and have two wonderful sons. This blog is the result of one of my multiple journalistic projects.


Our Family Lifestyle is a very interesting project because I combined journalism and broadcasting. Writing is my strength. Journalism is my superpower. Broadcasting is my passion.


I love writing the stories and the scripts; recording and editing the episodes, and putting together each piece of the blog. I hope you like it as much as I do.


Please, let me know your thoughts and follow us on social media!

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My Story

I am a journalist, investigative reporter, and broadcaster with several years of experience writing and reporting stories for radio, TV, and digital platforms. I have a BA in Social Communications & Journalism with a Minor in Social Development and a BA in Business Administration with a minor in Touristic Services. I am also a certified broadcaster and a radio and TV producer.

Our Family Lifestyle is my personal project. I currently write and produce the blog and the podcast. Until July 2021 and for almost 2 years, I was the Communications and Marketing Manager for Qualitas of Life Foundation. At the South Bronx Educational Foundation, I was the Program Director for their girl’s division, Rosedale Achievement Center. I worked for them almost three years.

Why this blog and podcast?

When I moved to New York, I wanted to keep writing. It was very hard for me not to work as a journalist, to report, to write. To do it, I thought of the idea of writing a blog. I didn't know about what! Everything is already on the web. Every unimaginable topic is fund on the World Wide Web, I thought! 

But, I did not want to create anything new. I wanted to write!


Suddenly, while talking with my friend, Veronica about it, she said:

- Why don't you create a blog? - I said -, good but, what can I write about?

After thinking about it for a long time, two questions came to my mind:  What is my passion? What inspires me?

My family is my inspiration. Journalism is my passion. 

That's how I came up with the idea of writing about family.


I have been married for 26 years. 24 years of those, I have been a mom. I am not an expert, but I have a lot to share. 

Why in English and Spanish?

I not only needed to write. I also needed to improve my English and translation skills. Back in high school in 1985, I learned English in Maryland. In 1987, I went back to Venezuela. I kept reading and even teaching English, but it is never the same if you don't use the language every day. Words get lost in the hard disk of your mind. Spanish? Because it is my mother language and I could never stop writing or speaking it.

My Early Years

I created the first newsletter for a local church in my hometown, Mérida, in 1997. Not only that, I wrote and graphic designed every single piece of it using Microsoft Publisher and Word. It was a great experience, one that introduced me to the fascinating world of journalism. 


Years later, I got a job at La Gente Publicidad. A small marketing agency. I was their copy editor, editor and journalist. Pan y Mucho Más, Gente Joven, and Ferias del Sol, were some of the magazines I wrote for while there.

I worked as news reporter, TV anchor, TV host, TV producer, radio broadcaster and producer. I wrote television news scripts and radio commercials for my shows: Un café por la mañana and Cafecito Con ... Furthermore, I cohosted four seasons of Tertulia de Ferias, a yearly four weeks special radio show about Merida's carnival.

For digital media, I was the news correspondent and investigative journalist for El Pitazo and Instituto Prensa y Sociedad. I may say, these were the best days of my professional life. I learned a lot, participated in a variety of formation events, shared with colleagues from all Venezuela, lived very intense moments while reporting, recorded and edited short news videos for the internet, co-worked in investigative studies and journalistic reports. Not only that, different radio stations from all over the country interviewed me because of my contributions to both digital platforms. 

To learn more about me or about my work take a look at my online portfolio or if you want to read some of my published written work for El Pitazo, you can click hereI'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect, subscribe.


​Please, drop me a line and share your comments. 

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