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Why I Left Venezuela. This Is My Story | Part III

Like Cancer About to Spread

Surviving in my country was becoming increasingly difficult for middle-class families. People complained about the high cost of living, about how difficult it was to buy a house or a car. External debt was growing.  Our currency was worthless. Great bewilderment engulfed the feelings of many people. People on the streets would say: something has to happen! This has to change.

This situation was fostering the environment for the birth of a "hero". The media gave strength to the "traitor". The military who six years earlier led the massacre of his citizens, gradually became a politician and a kind of superman who, according to his repetitive rhetoric,  would bring equality to the dispossessed and minority classes of the country. That's how they saw him, like a God. I never saw him like that. To me, he was and still is a murderer, who also destroyed everything I remember from my childhood.

Thus, and through countless interviews and statements to the written press, television and radio, people forgot what happened seven (7) years earlier and made him the most powerful man in the country. In 1999, the people elected him President of the Republic. I may say, had nothing to do with that.


In less than a year he changed the Carta Magna and approved more than 40 laws and laws proposals. Months later, the most important commercial industry, PDVSA was completely paralyzed. The first signs of possible socialist or communist cancer were showing up. People started to worry. There was no gas and of course, food was hard to find also.


In April 2002 there was a new coup by a civic-military raid, but unfortunately it did nothing. The following day, Chavez was back in the presidential chair, and with a desire for revenge.

Through all kinds of speeches to those who were pleased with him, he brainwashed people. He sold socialism as the "Revolution of the XXI Century" that would provide study and job opportunities to those who never had them. It promised fair wages, the end of illiteracy, housing and health care for all0.


He proclaimed Socialism as the new political system, which in this case, is like a brutal and destructive mixture between Marxism, Leninism, and  CastrorCommunism that the Traitor Executioner called "Revolution". Finally, the mask was removed. After almost 4 years he was showing who he really was.

Among the first of his actions, was the expropriation of several companies. He expropriated decades-old-established businesses, buildings, livestock and agricultural ranches that fed our population and even crowds living beyond our borders. It wiped out processed food distribution companies. And to top off the ruin,  he decided to stop accessing and acquiring the commercial currency, the dollar.

Thus began the revolutionary and socialist "cancer" to expand into a country that was once one of the most developed in the region, destroying in its wake everything it touched.  

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