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Tips to Control the Use of Electronic Devices at Home

I have heard many parents complaining about how much time their kids spend using their electronic devices. Even though nowadays, technology is more often used at home and in school for learning, educating, and entertainment purposes, when it refers to time, people need to set up limits.

Computers and the Internet are a great resource to study and search for information, keep in touch with friends, pay your bills, play online games, improve language skills, and more. Watching television is also a good way to learn from documentaries or the news. And video games can develop certain skills in our kids, like fast problem-solving or great decision-making, among others. So, do not freak out and do not be a Grinch! You can always do something in order to manage everything in the correct direction.

Why should we control the use of technology?

  • It may interfere with family communication

  • It may distract from doing school homework and home chores

  • It may decrease physical activity

  • It may cause sleep difficulties

  • It may expose to inappropriate content


How to do it?

  • Always talk and explain your kids why is it important to control the use of technology

  • Give the example: You should control yourself when using electronic devices

  • Propose family outside activities

  • Create "free technology" spaces or moments at home: while eating, doing homework...

  • Never impose

  • The TV and video games should not be placed in your kid's room

  • Help choose good video games

  • Share apps, videos, music, web pages with your kids

  • Learn about technology, do not be a neophyte

  • Enjoy technology moments: watch a good movie and discuss with them about it

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