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The Three Elements of Every Marriage

When you love someone, you wish the best for him or her. You give to that important person the most valuable part of your soul, of your thoughts, of your time… You give yourself. Giving all is not an easy thing, but knowing that you have given happiness to someone else, has no value. It is undescribable. 

Giving in marriage summarizes in changing, growing and learning. To me, these are the three main elements of any happy and fulfilling marriage.

Producing the episode

It is very difficult to describe marriage. The meaning varies from culture to culture, from religion to religion. Even from person to person. And over the years, the definition also changes. 


In simple words, marriage is sharing your life with a person that makes you happy. More deeply, it is to give oneself to another person in body, mind, and spirit with honesty, respect, and love. And for sure, every couple will have their own definition of it once you ask what marriage means to you?


In a more universal way, marriage is a commitment, but it is also a decision that you take to create a bond and let go of yourself to become one. Not only that, but it also means that in the future you will create and build new generations that will be reflected on your children.


Furthermore, marriage is a relationship and like any other relation, marriage is not easy to form nor to keep. Relationships change, learn and grow and need to be nurtured, so does marriage. In conclusion, marriage means giving yourself completely, openly and without any regrets. I believe that understanding marriage, and its true meaning, can only be defined by married couples because they live the relation and each situation in it.

The website, describes the meaning of marriage as “changing, learning and growing”. To me, this is an awesome definition because it compiles in three words the elements or components of the development of any marriage. You change, learn and grow within your relationship and yourself.

Let's break down these three words: changing, learning and growing

One thing humans have in common is that we all live in constant change. So, once you start your relation as a couple, “change” becomes a more imminent part of your life and your relation, because after “I do”, everything will be different.

The engagement, the honeymoon, the first years, will bring changes. Periods that you have to embrace and enjoy. Especially the first year when everything seems perfect but meanwhile, you are also discovering things, manners, and aspects of your couple that you did not know. Then come the children and their facets: baby, teenage, college and adult years. Surrounded by this, you are changing and so is your matrimony.

All the changes will bring learning. You learn from failure and successes. From happiness and sadness. Every moment of your personal and marriage life, and every step of your children's lives will teach you unforgettable lessons that might serve as references for other couples or even your own kids once they decide or not to get married. 


While you are changing and learning from the changes, you are also growing, not only you as an individual but as a couple. Your relationship is growing, maturing. 

These three elements that go along with every marriage and that you have to accept and grasp are like a circle, just like the wedding band or ring: it is circle shaped because it goes on forever. These elements are like the love that the couples have for each other is endless and will last forever. Changing, learning and growing will go on forever. Just welcome them!

Marriage can be defined in many ways. I will let you create your own definition of it. Please, drop me a line and let me know what marriage means to you.