The Treasure Called: Grandparents

The value of grandparents to families is unquestionable. Grandparents are a moral reference for grandchildren, a cornerstone in families, and an indisputable link of family unity and stability. In many cases, they are even financial support to the new families. In addition, they are transmitters of values, knowledge, experience, affection, and tranquility.

This wonderful bond helps grandchildren grow and mature. Grandparents rejuvenate and acquire vitality therefore, when grandparents are present in the lives of their grandchildren, the benefits are mutual. While parents learn to value without criticizing and appreciate the experience of grandparents. It is a tripartite relationship, grandparents — grandchildren — parents, which is strengthened with love, patience, and tolerance.

And for grandparents, there is nothing like the selfless love of their grandchildren. Since in this close relationship, grandparents feel loved and this gives them strength to improve their emotional health. Without a doubt, grandchildren are the best medicine for grandparents' health.

When parents and grandchildren understand the needs and limits of grandparents, the bond between them is stronger and more positive. The role of grandparents in the education of grandchildren is very diverse:


  • Contribute to the family: their experience in times of crisis, both psychologically and economically.

  • Take care of children when parents cannot.

  • Transmit family values ​​and maintain the link between generations.

  • Help in the education of the grandchildren and in the communication between parents and children.

  • Look for virtues and reinforce them.

  • Learn with their grandchildren, accepting changes and getting closer to the new generations.

Although the education of grandchildren is a responsibility that falls first and foremost with the parents, there is a clear distinction between the roles of parents and grandparents in relation to children. The role of grandparents must be discreet, and never imposed. Because they are grandparents and not babysitters, in this way, the time that grandparents and grandchildren share must be profitable, full of joys and rewards.

Grandparents educate based on the positive points of their grandchildren, without censorship. Always encouraging, not very demanding, providing the appropriate means and at the right time. In this way, they will build confidence and self-esteem.


In conclusion, grandparents are a moral reference point for grandchildren and their families. To maintain this, it is essential to teach by example, keeping promises, being affectionate and loving, because the best teacher is not who says and explains, is the one that does what he preaches.