Advantages of Motherhood

When children are born, parents would like them to arrive like the appliances: with a manual of instructions and care. 


A stage of learning, - for the couple and especially for the mother, - starts at the moment of the conception. As the child grows in the womb, it strengthens and accommodates to be received. At the same time, mom prepares herself physically and mentally to welcome the human being that will change her life forever: her son or daughter.

Some women fear motherhood, I do not judge them! We are not talking about taking care of an object. It is about giving life to another person, who throughout his/her existence will depend on the care and attention of his/her parents because parenthood never ends. However, despite fears, which are very natural, being a mother empowers and strengthens women to face life in its most diverse facets. In addition, being a mom brings many health benefits. So I will mention some advantages of being a mom:

  • Strengthens: problem-solving skills are acquired. Moms do not collapse before the obstacles and instead, moms develop skills that push, encourage, and at the same time help those around them.

  • Trains: moms become multitasking women. Although on this point many psychologists warn about the negative effects of doing several things at the same time, being a mom gives women no choice but to: wash clothes, cook lunch, clean the house, prepare the bottle, help with his/her homework and give a cup of coffee to their husband before leaving to work. All at the same time. Those skills acquired at home will be great for work, for social life, and in fact, they will be excellent for everyday life.

  • Inspires: children are a great source of inspiration. Difficulties, circumstances will always come, but for their children, moms feel like superheroes. We all seek personal and professional improvement, but for the kids, moms or parents want to be the best. They want to be role models for their children. Even, if possible, parents wish their kids will be better than they are.

  • Value things: many things that previously went unnoticed, suddenly become precious. Moms learn to appreciate their parents and the meaning of sacrifice; time is gold because every second count; the small details are very important; the gestures of affection, although they can be small, they are priceless; the value of saying "I love you", or "I missed you"; and the greatness of a hug when we need it most.

  • Rejuvenates: the possibility of doing playful and recreational activities with their children strengthens and nurtures self-confidence, autonomy, and the bonds of union between both mom and son. If dad is added to the activities, which could be sports, it is great, whereas children's physical development is stimulated.

  • It gives joy: children give a cheerful touch to the home. Even when they are teenagers, their music, their occurrences, their fashion, the house full of friends, that fills our life with joy. With any little thing, they draw a smile on our lips.

In addition to all of these above, the digital magazine Ser Padres, mentions the following health benefits:

  • Brain: the development of certain areas of the brain is encouraged. Studies have found that hormonal changes modify the brain to care for your child, which is great for mom.

  • Heart: a recent study found that couples with children have a lower blood pressure than those who do not. Experts believe that children give meaning to life, which could be related to better health.

  • Breasts: giving birth can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

  • Ovaries: having fewer periods can also protect you from ovarian cancer.


The most beautiful bond that can ever develop among human beings is that of motherhood. It is not understood until you live it.